Golf Cart World Batteries

When you need to replace your old golf cart batteries you can count on Golf Cart World to have the batteries you need at the price you want. We are a US Golf Cart Battery Dealer and a Trojan Batter Dealer

Come check out our golf cart battery options for your application, you will find that Golf Cart World is your one-stop battery dealer for you!

US Batteries

Battery powered golf cars and electric vehicles have unique power requirements that U.S. Battery understands. Maintaining peak capacity for longer periods between charges means greater vehicle reliability and lower annual operating costs. This is why U.S. Battery Electric Vehicle Deep Cycle Batteries are engineered with the company’s exclusive XC2™ formulation and Diamond Plate Technology®. This creates the industry’s most efficient battery plates, delivering greater watt-hours per liter and watt-hours per kilogram than any other flooded lead-acid battery in the market.

Manufactured in the U.S.A: U.S. Battery’s Electric Vehicle Deep Cycle Batteries are made in a variety of sizes for 6-volt, 8-volt, and 12-volt applications. Many of the processes in building each battery are done by hand, not machines. U.S. Battery takes pride in providing jobs to help the local economies in our California and Georgia plants.

Trojan Batteries

Built to deliver superior performance, durability and reliability, these batteries utilize the highest quality components and meet the challenges of the toughest, hilliest courses in the world.

Trillium™, Trojan’s Intelligent Lithium batteries featuring exceptional runtime, lifetime, and peace of mind, come in 3 popular sizes to fit your Golf & Utility Vehicle needs. From their superior cell and battery design to their intelligent, built-in diagnostics, they are a great alternative when seeking a lithium solution. Trillium offers a life expectancy of over 5,000 cycles delivering outstanding return on investment.

Reliant™ AGM with C-Max Technology™ is engineered with an advanced feature set that provides outstanding sustained performance and total energy output, delivering the exceptional quality and reliability Trojan batteries are known for. Trojan’s proprietary Maxguard® T2 Separator and exclusive Alpha Plus® Paste with T2 Technology™ team up to increase battery life, extend run time and decrease maintenance.

Offering durability and reliability to deliver high performance on and off the course.